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> Don't Buy Naza Sorento!!! Terrible!
post Jan 27 2006, 10:52 AM
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6th Gear

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Hi! Everyone!

I just got my Naza Sorento (Local Assemble) on 21st January 2006
(Saturday). But on the 1st day of picking up the car, my car is full of
terrible and ridiculous problems and faulty. The following is the list of
problems for my so-called "New" car on the 1st day i used the car:

1. Speedometer is not working!
2. Tripmeter is not working!
3. Fuel gauge is inconsistently moving and unable to indicate the actual
fuel level in my car!
4. When pressing "Open", the sunroof unable to slide all the way as
specified in the manual!
5. The "Tilt up" and "Tilt down" button for sunroof, assembly wrongly.
When presseed "Tilt down" the sunroof tilt up.
6. Then what happened to "Tilt up" Button? Is not working at all!!! No
matter how you press!!!

Can you imagine how frustrated am i?

The problems is not ended here. I sent to Kia Service Center and they
told me that actually is the Sunroof motor not working. Need to replace
the motor. But they are not able to give me the Exact Date of the
replacement because they need to wait for the Spare Part department to
reply them. Just told me after CNY!!! And when i request to give the
exact date, the service center people just push the responsiblity to the
Spare Part Department and told me that nothing much they can do!!!
Sigh...Can you see, how irresponsible of Naza Kia Staff? As Customer, i'm
talking to KIA, but they are just playing ball rolling and passing the
responsible around! Sigh...Poor Management and got internal problems.

I called and faxed to the So-called Kia Careline....Are they really care?
I don't think so. They just take down message only. But i guess the
message forever will not able to reach the higher position or management.
Anyway, if i really not getting responsible from them, guess i will write
directly to their CEO, Consumer Right Association and Korea HQ. really
not satisfy the service and the quality of Naza Kia!!! Even Proton
service and staff is much more better than Naza Kia!


Any other new Sorento owner discover the same problems?

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post Jan 27 2006, 11:22 AM
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Hi everyone
I told you before, I have a bad experinece with my Carens II. No KIA in
my life.
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post Jan 27 2006, 11:56 AM
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Road Warrior

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u bought a Naza Sorento not Kia Sorento right,
the QA is from Naza not Kia.
the complaint should go to Naza not Kia. email to Korean also no use, cos
it is not bearing Kia badge already.

just my 2 cents worth opinion.
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post Jan 27 2006, 12:02 PM
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Hi Alex,

Very sorry to hear your predicament. I was in the same boat. Mine was CBU
registered in 2003 April.

Sold it off last December 2005 after owning it for approx. 2 1/2 year
(including approx 3-4 months lying at Setapak Service Centre). My
problems were:-

Before 40K km Warranty
- Jammed steering
- Piston oil/dampener fluid leak (hatch back door)
- AutoCruise/Low Gear/Headlamp Adjust switch occasionaly not functioning

After 40K km Warranty (2 years and less of age)
- Frequent blowup of brake light bulb (driver side)
- Sunroof motor kaput
- Door actuator going to go
- Transfer box damage
- Transfer box damaged again after new replacement
- Propeller shaft damaged

Kia Korea never responded on my query on the transfer box issue. Setapak
men seems 'lost'. HQ and CSD did not show much care.

Also was advised against buying the Kia by my nextdoor neighbour last
time. But what to do, I ate my own words on Kia.

Very sorry, Alex.

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post Jan 27 2006, 01:11 PM
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Tokyo Drifter

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REJECT the vehicle! It's a lemon. Kick up a fuss. Tell them to take it
back and give you a new one.

It's still early, you can do it. Go, go, go!
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post Jan 27 2006, 03:33 PM
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FreshOil..2 "minor" problems and it's a lemon?....ha ha, lucky u don't own
a Ferrari, u probably call that a durian!!
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post Jan 27 2006, 04:13 PM
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Tokyo Drifter

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I think your problems are minor and can be solved. My take is:

1 & 2 - speedometer cable not connected
3 - faulty sensor or faulty elec connection
4, 5 & 6 - unlikely to be motor if sunroof can move. probably wrong elec
connection. try another SC.

These are teething assembly problems common for first batch but even
matured CKDs can have problems too. Of course it's frustrating to have
defects in a new car but the reality is if we were to blacklist all makes
which have minor problems there will be no cars left to buy...whether Jap,
Korean or Conti.
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post Jan 27 2006, 04:26 PM
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Hot Rod

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don't be too open with your statement.
later Nazak can sue u like what Perodua owner kena.
but yeah,this Nazak also another blood ######.
he already rich through .....(u know laa), so he should sell tip-top cars.
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post Jan 27 2006, 05:02 PM
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6th Gear

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Thanks, Ottoman for your comments.

Hmm...But i'm not afraid of being sue bcos...what i tell is truth...:)

Actually, i know the problems is not that major, but can you imagine when
you got the new car and have all these terrible problems, how irritating
and how frustrated is that?

Anyway...Thanks again!

Happy Holiday!

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post Jan 27 2006, 05:44 PM
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Dear all,

"Minor" is not the issue here, I.M.H.O. Just try to put yourself in
Alex's shoe. He just got a brand new thing a couple days ago and it costs
him over RM100K. What more, it is just before CNY where people celebrate
their new car, new things etc. And he landed with these "minor" problems
which are not supposed to happen to his brand new car, costing well above
RM100K and just the 11th hr of CNY. I think I could feel very much the
way he felt. Call it outburst, call it frustration, call it whatever, but
to me, it is understood to behave that way given the scenario.

My brandnew fully imported RM165K++ Sorento didn't live long. It was dead
at the age of 2 years and I spend nearly RM20K to make it ALIVE again on
road again and TWICE!!.

No matter how much 'minor' they are, it should not happened.

But it did happen to Alex! So What next? Can this be handled by the
respective party or parties, responsibly? customer "caring-ly"? My case,
it wasn't.

Or is it just another COMMON thing? to have horrible quality issue (even
though minor) and not to "care" enough?!

Happy New Year Alex. Let me know if there's anything I can do to ease
your frustrations.
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