Private Car Insurance Premium Calculator
Private Car Insurance Premium Calculator
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What is the Cubic Capacity (CC) of your vehicle? Eg. 1300 or 1800
How much No Claims Discount (NCD) are you entitled to?
How many passengers can your vehicle carry legally? Please enter number
Would you like to have any extra coverage? Please check below:
a) Legal Liability to Passengers (25% of third party premium + RM 10.00 per additional passenger [exceed 5])
b) Legal Liabililty for Passengers Act of Negligence (RM 7.50 per vehicle)
c) Strike, Riot & Civil Commotion (0.3% of vehicle sum insured)
d) Flood (0.5% of vehicle sum insured)
e) Windscreen (15% of windscreen sum insured) Please state amount (RM)
f) Additional Named Driver (RM 10 per additional driver - apart from first 2 drivers) i.e if there is a 3rd driver, then select 1, if there is a 4th driver then select 2, and so on.
Gross Premium :

Stamp Duty :
RM 10.00

Total Premium Payable :

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The above rates/premium payable is NOT applicable if:
1. Vehicles are above 5 years old.
2. For van, lorry, reconditioned vehicles, modified or sports model.
3. For high performance vehicles (Example: Ferrari, Porsche, etc)
4. For 4WDs except for Perodua Kembara and Suzuki Vitara
5. Luxurious vehicles (eg Mercedes, BMW, Volvo, Jaguar, Lexus)
6. Vehicles with sum insured exceeding RM 150,000.

Disclaimer: shall not be held responsible for any inaccuracy of calculations.