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  Petronas Syntium Range Broadened and Upgraded  
- Wednesday, March 19, 2003  By Chips  Bookmark and Share
Syntium 3000

The widest range of motor oils in Malaysia...

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Syntium 3000
Syntium 3000
Syntium 1000
Syntium 1000
Syntium 800
Syntium 800
New easy-pour spout with tamper-proof cap
New easy-pour spout with tamper-proof cap

Whether it was planned or just a coincidence, Petronas had the chance to launch its updated Syntium motor oil range today with its two F1 drivers, Nick Heidfeld and Heinz-Harald Frentzen, present. The drivers, being in town for the Malaysian round of the 2003 championship, were obviously the best ambassadors for the new products.

The launch, at the Petronas Twin Towers in KLCC, saw the addition of a new flagship product in the form of the Syntium 3000 line and enhancements to the present range of engine oils.

The new Syntium 3000 oil is a fully synthetic lubricant, like the Syntium 1000 which was launched in July 2001; at that time, the Syntium line came into the Malaysian market as the first oil in Malaysia to meet the new ‘SL’ standard of API (the American Petroleum Institute), the highest ‘global’ standard at the moment.

The difference between Syntium 3000 and Syntium 1000 is the grade: the former has a 5W-40 viscosity while the latter has a 15W-50 viscosity (previously 5W-50). Syntium 3000 is targeted at the top end of the market and is a superior product for those who have high-performance sportscars and luxury limousines. It meets a few extra standards such as the BMW LongLife (which means it is rated for 30,000 kms) and a Porsche standard.

A synthetic oil, by virtue of its composition, offers exceptional performance and copes with extreme operating conditions very well to protect the engine parts. One of the strong points of synthetic oils is their ability to retain the viscosity without shearing (a condition when the oil film ‘breaks up’, exposing metal parts to enormous friction). This is why low viscosities such as 5W-40 are possible and they are good for high-performance engines because they contribute to keeping frictional losses down.

Used regularly, a synthetic oil like Syntium 3000 or 1000 would thus help prolong engine life and at the same time improve fuel economy. However, like other oil companies, Petronas advises motorists to adhere to the requirements of their respective vehicle’s manufacturers with regards to oil change intervals even though it is known that a fully synthetic oil can last a lot longer than mineral oils.

“The BMW LongLife standard that Syntium 3000 has passed means that the oil can provide its promised performance up to 30,000 kms, but this does not mean that motorists should keep it in their engine for that long. Each manufacturer will have its own recommendations on when the oil needs to be changed depending on operating conditions and the type of oil used. This recommendation should always be referred to but motorists can have a peace of mind knowing our oil has a substantial ‘reserve capability’,” explained Mohd Agil Samad, Senior Manager of Petronas Dagangan’s Lube Business Division.

Responding to why Petronas did not offer a 0W viscosity which is available from some other oil companies, Encik Agil said that their surveys show the demand for this viscosity is still small and so they do not think it is necessary at this time.
“Should there be sufficient demand, we can offer a 0W grade but it will cost a bit more as it has a higher cost of production,” he added.

While Syntium 3000/1000 are targeted at vehicles in the high end of the market, they can still be used by any type of vehicle – even diesels – if a motorist wants the best for his or her vehicle. However, some may not want to spend so much and for those who still want a premium product, Syntium 800 is an equally capable oil. This is a synthetic blend (also referred to as ‘semi-synthetic’) and meets a number of globally recognized performance standards besides API SL/CF.

Syntium 800 can be used for any type of vehicle, including diesels, and is also suitable for engines with turbochargers or superchargers. Its improved formulation uses premium quality base oils which are fortified with a synthetic base stock and advanced additive package. Consistent performance at extreme operating conditions is assured and superior protection means longer engine life, which should be welcome by those who want to keep their vehicles for many years.

The Syntium 800 line has a new grade – 10W-30 – which complements the existing 15W-50 grade . The 10W-30 viscosity is new and intended for the minicars with sub-1000 cc engine, ie Perodua models. Due to the small displacement and limited output of such engines, every bit of friction that can be removed matters a lot and the specifications are challenging for the engineers. However, Petronas believes its new Syntium 800 will be an ideal oil for models like the Kancil and Kelisa/Kenari, offering low friction performance and superior wear protection. Incidentally, Petronas oils are used for the ‘first fill’ in the Perodua factory so there is already recognition of the product by the national carmaker.

The 10W-30 grade is also available in the evergreen Mach 5 SL line, joining the existing 20W-50 viscosity which is a popular grade for most cars. Though a mineral oil, Mach 5 is still a high-quality product with the same advanced technological expertise in its development as the Syntium products. It is affordably priced and readily available at all Petronas stations.

“In fact, affordability has been one of our strategies in pricing our engine oils,” revealed Encik Agil. “This has paid off for us as we have seen growing volumes in our Syntium sales which today are equal to around half the volume of our Mach 5 sales.”

Each of the oil products has an advanced additive package which helps to maintain engine cleanliness. During combustion, a lot of pollutants (especially soot) are created and mix with the oil and the function of the additives is to prevent such pollutants from impairing the oil performance. However, over a long period, the accumulation of pollutants is too great for the additives to do their work which is why the oil has to be replaced.

Reflecting the racing technology that goes into its lubricants, the new packaging has a picture of an F1 car and the containers are also of a new ergonomic design which was conceived by a German company for Petronas. The new 4-litre containers are of tough plastic and the handle is positioned to give a more natural pouring angle.

For a better grip, the surface is ‘roughened’ with certain sections having lots of little ‘dots’ while the spout has been made more tamper-proof. Should the container have been opened prior to sale, the motorist will have very clear evidence of this and should not accept it. There is also a new telescoping spout to make pouring easier and while this idea is not new, it is improved over previous designs as there is a screw-on cap.

The new Petronas Syntium oils are available nationwide from today at the following prices:

SYNTIUM 3000 (5W-40)
4 litres: RM178/RM179 (P. Malaysia/East Malaysia)
1 litre: RM48/RM48.50

SYNTIUM 1000 (15W-50)
4 litres: RM148/RM149
1 litre: RM41/RM41.50

SYNTIUM 800 (15W-50)
4 litres: RM68/RM69
1 litre: RM19.50/RM20

SYNTIUM 800 (10W-30)
3 litres: RM47/RM47.75
1 litre: RM19.50/RM20

For more information, visit the Petronas website at or call Mesra Link at 1-300-88-8181.

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