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  Fuel Consumption ?  
- Tuesday, November 22, 2005  By Autoworld  Bookmark and Share

Compiled from contribution by members. ...

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One of our Autoworld member (USER ID: FrustMsia) started on 11-Aug-05 14:32 a survey to share and compiles input for what he names “Fuel Consumption Database” references for all cars. He hopes that over a period of time, everyone can use this information, for his or her further own analysis and benefits.

On November 22, 2005, Autoworld compiles this statistics posted by various members in this particular topic and posted it as an article. Autoworld would like to thank ‘FrustMsia’ and all who have contributed to this.

Fuel consumption has always been debated and it varies depending on the way you drive. The information compiled is solely based on our member’s personal experience of using the car. However, one’s way of driving may not be the same as the others, so please do read or use the data wisely.

For those who wish to contribute, kindly continue by posting your reply into the following forum area:

Autoworld » Forum » Know your car » Fuel Consumption Database for all.

Or you may access directly by clicking on the URL below:

Data below is presented (as closely as possible) in the following manner:

(Car Model, Auto/manual, year, % of usage in City/H'way, any other info, mileage in km/liter)

1) kancil 660 100% city 20km/l (by shafawi)

1) kancil 850 (M) 90% highway 17km/l (by Madhusher)
2) kancil 850 (A) 1997 100% city + jam 15km/l (by sszairy22)

1) Gtti 1.0 turbo can go 25km\l (by AsidBurn)
2) kenari (A) 2004, 80% city, 20% hill slope, 13km /l (by chiphang1)
3) Kelisa (M) 2003, 70% city, 16.2-17.9km/l (by jasonwsl)

1) Tiara 1997, 100% city 14km/l (by kaone2001)
2) Tiara 2000, 100% KV, 18.2km/l (by maxcobmara)

1) Savvy (M) 2005, 100%city, 18km/l (by H2O)
2) Fiat Punto Speedgear, CVT, 2001, 1242cc, Urban=13-15km/l, Highway=19-21km/l (Driver + 1 passenger + no load) (by bobchoo)

1) Wira A/back (M) 2000, 30% city 70%highway, 17km/l (by FrustMsia)
2) Iswara A/back (M) 2002, 10% city 90% highway, 70 - 100kmph avg 20km/l, (with performance sparkplugs + cyclone + BP petrol) (by unpro)
3) Kembara (M) 2004, 100%city, 14km/l (by H2O)
4) Kembara (A) 2002, 100%city, 11km/l (by H2O)
5) Iswara A/back, 2000, depending on driving style, varies from 14.9km/l to 17.8km/l (by jawerians)
6) Wira A/back (M) 2001, average from 80kkm: 13.5km/l, 100%highway: 17km/l (by jigc)
7) Iswara (newest ) avg at 14km/l driving at 100kmph, mixed city highway (by unpro)
8) Nissan Sunny 130Y,short distance drive: 11km/L, city drive: up to 12.3KM/L, highway: 14.03KM/L (by ShiftXtrem)
9) Wira A/back 1.3 1998 (Average FC since bought) 13.9 km/l (by Sinque)
10) Saga/Iswara LMST 1.3 A/back (M) @ 100% city crawl - 13km/l. (by HotRod)

1) Wira (A) 100% city, 10km/l (by ranii)
2) Wira 1.5GLI (M), 13km/litre (by chongsw)
3) Vios 1.5G Mixed-h/way + city 13.5 km/L (by TypeR)
4) Wira A/back (A), 60% city 40% h/way, 12km/l (by Dar)
5) Iswara 1.5(A) 2000, 100% city, 10km/L (by baronteh)
6) City iDSI 1.5 2003, Mixed driving, 11KM/L (by ASIMO)
7) Wira sedan (A), sub-urban (50% speed 50% jam), 12.4 km/L (by funkiller)
8) Wira sedan (M), 70% H'way 30% city, 13 km/l (by highwayman)
9) Sephia 1.5 1999 (Average FC since bought) 10.9 km/l (by Sinque)
10) City 1.5 1999, Mixed driving, 11.38km/l (by JohnT)

1) Citroen C3 1.6 Sensodrive, 100% Klang Valley, 15.25km/l (by maxcobmara)
2) Sentra 1.6(M)1999, mixed City+Hway , 12.4KM /L (by SentraBoy)
3) Sentra 1.6(A) 2000, 100% Klang valley, 11.5km/l (by sathisk)
4) Sentra 1.6(A) 2004 100% Klang Valley, 11.3km/L (by ejenmulder)
5) Sentra N16 (A) Average speed 80kph, 12.5km/l (by JOXEPH)
6) Sentra 1.6(A)XE 2001 10-12km/L mix-driving,14-16km/L Hightway (by JOXEPH)
7) Sentra 1.6(A) SG-L (mileage 2k+), 100% hway 18km/l, 100%city 12km/l (by Top100)
8) Sentra 1.6(A)2001, 100% City, 11-12km/L, 100%Highway, 14-15km/L (by baronteh)
9) Wira 1.6xli convert to manual. 4g92P (turbo) LPT 0.5bar. Heavy foot 9.5km/l Light foot 18kl/l (by AsidBurn)
10) Waja 1.6(A) mileage 90kkm, mixed app 15km/l (by APEK)
11) Waja 1.6X (A) 2002, mix 10.50/L (by 83cat)
12) Waja 1.6(A) 2000, mixed, 14.17km/l (by APEK)

1) Civic 2005, 100%hway 15km/l, 100%city 11km/l, mileage 8k+ (by CiViC2005)

1) Nabira 1.8, highway 14km/l (by shafawi)
2) Ford Laser Lynx TX3 1.8 DOHC (M) '95, 100% Klang Valley +- 10Km/ltr (by weelson)
3) Wira 1.8 SOHC (A) '96 100% City 8km/ltr (by naven6263)
4) Putra 1.8 DOHC (M) '97 100% City 12.5km/ltr (1km = 0.08 ltr) (by nuggyn)

1) Pug 206CC 2.0M KL 12.46km/l (by maxcobmara)
2) Pug 405SRI 2.0M 10km/l urban,13.2km/l highway (by zulfa)
3) Pug 806SV 2.0M 9.5km/l urban, 13.5km/l highway (by zulfa)
4) Ford Lynx RS (A) 6km/l urban (by tepetlah)
5) Wira 2.0 Diesel (M) Average speed 80kph, 14.3km/l (by JOXEPH)
6) Proton Perdana 2.0(A) V6 urban 7.2km/l (by min8)
7) Citreon Xantia 2.0(A) mileage 65kkm mixed, 9.5 to 10km/l (by APEK)
8) Fiat Ulysse 16v 2.0 (A) 9.0km/l urban, 14.0km/l highway ; 7st MPV (by zulfa)
9) Citroen Evasion 2.0 (M) 10.0km/l urban, 13.5km/l highway ; 7st MPV (by zulfa)

1) Camry 2.2 GX (A), 80% city bumber to bumber crawl, 10% urban, 10% highway, 12.2km/l (by donyong)
2) Accord 2.2 SOHC 16V (A) mixed 12km/l (by iemech)

1) Volvo S40, 2005, mixed city/highway 10 to 12km/l (by razibar)
2) Toyota Ipsum 2.4 with VVTI, 100% city, 7.3km/l (by teewan)

1) V46 Mit Pagero Diesel (A), Average speed 80kph, 8.68km/l (by JOXEPH)

1) Accord 2-door 7-gen 3.0, mixed driving 9.5km/l (by Ronk)
2) Accord 4-door 7-gen 3.0, city driving 8.5km/l (by danc)

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